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Music & Film 

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A Film by Jack Mantis


Premieres 13 November 2021 


In June of 2012, Jack embarked on what would ultimately become a 5 year expedition into the unknown. 

A story of leaving all to chance and the mystery of serendipity. Defining the importance of letting go, and allowing the voyage to write itself.


Jack's ability to adapt to the ever challenging circumstances of his enviroment is the driving force behind this coming of age documentary.

Covering over 5000 nautical miles and a further 10 000km of untouched wilderness, he allows the viewer a deeper look into the life of a wanderer.


A deeply compelling story of self discovery.

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BLOWN AWAY - Directed by Micha Schulze. 

Staring - Jack Mantis, Ben Schaschek and Hannes Hafenklank.


An expedition documentary of a four and a half

year journey around the globe by sailboat and


An intimate look into all the adventures, trials and shared experiences.

And of the wonderful musicians and characters

they meet along the way,


A film about freedom and friendship, and about

how music magically connects everything.


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SERPENT - Directed by Amanda Evans

Staring - Tom Ainsley and Sarah Dumont


Original Music by Jack Mantis

A romantic escape into nature turns into the ultimate moment of reckoning when a husband and wife are trapped in a tent with a deadly Black Mamba.


Unable to escape and with certain death looming, the tent becomes a heated confessional to a cataclysmic truth.

Betrayed, the couple finds themselves spiraling into a dark and dangerous space of which only one can survive.

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As part of a series of international live location recordings, Jack has teamed up to film and produce a series of videos over the following two years...


Springbok Nude Girls - Blue Eyes

Ard Matthews - What he Means

Dave Knowles - Sweet Impermanence

Dave van Vuuren (Southern Wild) - Life is a Train

Josh Roxton - Sister Lake

Jack Mantis - Beth | Together we are Lost | Leap of Faith | I'm coming Home | Truth be Golden | Frequency

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Tour Dates

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The Jack Mantis Band formed in Cape Town in 2007, led by dynamic musician, film maker, global traveller, adventurer, conservationist and international graffiti artist Jack Mantis. 


Mantis has spent the majority of his time touring the United States and has done multiple European tours, his last live stint being a collaborative project with The Sailing Conductors in a 140-date sold out tour across Germany. This was in support of the award-winning film Blown Away in which Mantis features, wrote a significant part of the music and collaborated in filming. 


Back at home in South Africa, Mantis has performed most large music festivals including Rocking the Daisies, Splashy Fenn, Oppikoppi, Kirstenbosch Gardens and the Paul Cluver Amphitheatre. He was the official support act for Ben Harper’s South African tour and has performed at most South African live venues.


Global influence


Mantis has shaped his music career in parallel with a lifetime of travel, exploration and some exhilarating, gruelling and rewarding experiences. One of the hardest-working touring musicians in the industry, Mantis showed exceptional musical talent at a young age and has woven both the experience and influence of travel into the layered depth of his lyrics and sound. 


New release


His latest release, An Unwritten Life, is a testament to his musical diversity, skill and depth as the 10-track album reflects a global musical landscape. Obsessively collecting sound from every location he has travelled to, including South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, St Helena, Brazil, Venezuela, The United States, Germany, France, Trinidad and Tobago, Norway (and somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic while crossing an ocean), he describes it as “a sonic photo album of years of refining my craft”. He explains that  “meeting all these wonderful musicians around the globe and spending hours in nature capturing as many field recordings as I could, has been a religious pilgrimage.”


Award winning


Mantis produced the album with the final mix done at Bellville Studios with Theo Crous. The music video for the first single from the album, Beth, won the Hollywood South Film Festival Award for Best Music Video and made the official selection  at  the Frostbite Film Festival; Berlin  Sunrise Film Festival, and Official Selection at the Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival. 


An emotive journey of love, consciousness, revolution, darkness and light, the album moves listeners through vast emotional territory, invoking a sense of familiarity, adventure, home, love, pain, beauty, darkness, compassion and often, nostalgia. 


Collaborative projects


Between touring, Mantis sailed and filmed collaborative music projects across the globe for six years with the Sailing Conductors from Germany. Their first release for the song, Radiate, written by Mantis, was filmed in seven countries featuring 20 musicians. 


The video features scenes all over the world filmed over many years and has been  dedicated to the Sioux people and the plight at Standing Rock, donating all proceeds to the water protectors cause. He also performed the song alongside Chris de Burgh at the 30th Anniversary of Fernsehen Garten in Germany to a 6000-strong crowd and a live TV audience of 3 million people. 


After filming nine soon-to be-released collaborative videos, Jack branched off and begun working on the next instalment of global music collaboration. Setting sail from the North of Germany towards the North Pole, he continued the tradition of creating expedition music, while filming and recording musicians along the way.


Future projects


Mantis is currently in final production on his upcoming documentary, Til Everything is Illuminated, a soul-searching exploration from Cape Town, sailing across the Atlantic to Namibia, Brazil, St Helena, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, and casts some light on why Mantis is dubbed “the Bear Grylls of the music industry”. A deeply compelling and inspiring story of how the thread of fate ties humanity together, it covers over 5  000 nautical miles and a further 10 000km of untouched wilderness. Sharing deep, personal truths as he leaves Cape Town, he allows viewers into a very moving exploration as landscapes, self, nature and geographies change in the inspiring discoveries he makes along the way. 


With a history steeped in music and a lifetime spent gaining insight and wisdom the world over, Mantis brings generosity, love and intrigue to his performances which are as  much an experience as they are a testament to his skill. 


A sense of common humanity, collaborative ease, brother and sisterhood between band members and collaborative partners is tangible in live performances, albums and films.  Mantis’s vision to create a conscious shift and a space for meaningful shared experiences through music, film and art is brought to life in the many endeavours he offers generously to fans across the world. 


And while the world has been his stage over the last few years, he currently calls KwaZulu-Natal home, where his love of nature, farming, horses, music and film-making develops into new, exciting projects. 



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